The Few. The Proud. The Bridal Artists.

Every time I go to work, it’s either the biggest day of someone’s life or preparation for it. The truth is, most bridal artists transition into other types of work after a few years because it’s such a high pressure job. But then are the few rare folks who just love it and can’t leave it (hi!). That moment when your bride is ready to walk down the aisle and you are looking at a masterpiece is transcendent. You have climbed the summit and the view is spectacular. I love the climb and the people I'm climbing with. They come from all different backgrounds, different countries, different parts of this country, look different, sound different, are different. This is the spice of life! Whatever your race or cultural upbringing or gender expression or person you love or personal style is...I want to embrace it. I want to help you express yourself in a beautiful and FUN way. If you have any concerns, please reach out. I want every bride to feel like they have a great match.


I want to create a look that is uniquely and specifically just for you. This design process takes a lot of preparation and time but is so worth it! I want to get to know you and your style and hear all about what you normally do and what ideas you have for the wedding. When we meet in our private studio for your Beauty Design Session, I will synthesize all of the information gathered and guide you through the process. The Design Sessions are quite long (sorry not sorry!) so that there is plenty of time for experimentation and fine tuning. During the Design Session I'll depend on you to guide me towards things you like as we slowly build your look step by step. I'll use my expertise to present you with options and help you make decisions that stay true to your style. THE MOST IMPORTANT factor is making sure the look suits your personal feelings and comfort level. I want you to feel super excited about the way you look. It's that perfect nexus where "Wow!" meets "This is so ME!"