Epic Versailles Anniversary Session

December 1, 2020

couple poses for photos at Chateau de Versailles

After several years the time had come for the Queen Bee to take her rightful place at the throne. This Parisian couple took a break from kids, work, parents and household to capture their love for each other in an epic fashion. What could be a more epic photoshoot location than Chateau de Versailles? Complete with a crown! Our gorgeous couple graciously hosted us in their home to get ready and we were treated to a wonderful lunch and met the cutest children on earth. I especially loved hearing their love story. They felt that inner fire within minutes of meeting each other! This was also my first time to work with D’Arcy Benincosa and it was such a treat to watch her shoot. We ended the day with a tour of the grand interior and a golden hour stroll through the gardens. C’était magnifique!

couple posing in front of wide film image of Versailles