Artist Bio

Cassandra Kennedy is one of the top bridal makeup artists and hair stylists in the Pacific Northwest. Cassandra’s focus on fresh, natural, romantic and original looks makes her a favorite of brides, blog editors and photographers alike. Her work with hair and makeup has been published in numerous industry publications around the world.

Cassandra leads a Portland, Oregon-based team of artists, celebrating the art of subtle and ethereal. She is especially interested in the study of how beauty translates to digital and film photography. As the former lead artist for one of Manhattan’s top bridal beauty agencies, Cassandra learned her craft in New York City from some of the world’s top artists and spent several years working in the area before returning to her beloved home state of Oregon. She is proud to be part of a regional community of tastemakers that are producing some of the world’s most beautiful images and experiences.

profile of Boticelli-inspired romantic fine art hairstyle and no makeup makeup

Our Style

Historically the fine art tradition grew out of a visual art created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes. The principal purpose was simply beauty (no practical function or reason required!) that showcased an artist’s full expression and imagination. This required a refined judgment which differentiated it from popular art. In time it grew to encompass other mediums of expression. Today this aesthetic extends to weddings. A team of artists (from floral designers to cake makers to planners) work in concert to create a masterpiece with the nearlywed(s) as the pièce de résistance. As opposed to pervasive mainstream glam, we continue to express and display beauty honoring its natural form. It is an intentional and intellectual process with an end result that looks elegant and effortless.

The Cassandra Kennedy Beauty team is available to work on location or in their private studio located in SE Portland