Our Kits

makeup kitAn artist’s kit is typically the most important thing that they own!  A lot of time and care has been taken to choose what items will be carried in their makeup kit and hair kit.  We have always been interested in new and innovative beauty products. As trends and tastes change, so does the technology to make products. We believe artists must continually evaluate the contents of their kit. As freelancers, we have participated in many different pro trainings but do not work for any specific line. We do not believe any one makeup or hair line carries the best of everything. We try to use the standout superstars of each line in my kit. Every single item has been chosen and tested by us to perform and photograph beautifully.

Consumer vs. Pro Products

Often times clients like to see products that are familiar to them but they may only be familiar with consumer brands they have seen in departments stores or makeup boutiques such as Sephora. Pros have different needs for their products and sometimes shop at “pro only” places. For example, in daily life we love my foundation to have an SPF in it. However, we would never want to use that same foundation on a client who is going to be photographed using flash photography because it could give the camera “flashback” or look strangely pale and mask-y in photos. We can’t imagine many people would buy pure yellow or black lipstick but pros use them in their kits to mix in with other lip colors to make them warmer or darker in color. Makeup pros are known for their love of highly pigmented cosmetics with great color payoff but those can be the hardest for consumers to blend and match. Consumer brands might use makeup with less pigment because it is more user friendly. Working with a professional makeup artist and hair stylist is a wonderful chance to get exposed to professional brands and try some things you may have never heard of!


We are religious about keeping our kits clean and sanitized.  We follow the State of Oregon guidelines as well as the CDC’s.  We believe every client deserves to have a clean and sanitary application of makeup and use of brushes, combs, hair clips and tools.  This process is something all licensed professionals are required to learn and an important criteria in your selection of an artist.