Boudoir Photography Makeup & Hair Styling

hair and makeup for boudoir photography | Cassandra Kennedy Beauty | Portland OR

Hair and makeup for boudoir photography is so fun to do because it’s pure fantasy. Have you ever looked at a page from a magazine and thought “I would love to look like THAT!” We can help make that happen!

The Look and Feel of Your Shoot

There are so many options when it comes to looks for your intimate portraiture shoot. A few ideas that come to mind: sweet, fresh, natural, and lovely, sensual, sexy, edgy, mysterious, bombshell, vintage-inspired. I consult with you using inspirational pictures to help achieve a unique and personalized look and feel to your shoot that suits your style and comfort level.

Boudoir Makeup

Makeup for boudoir photography has to be very detailed because many of the shots will be very close up.  The professional camera softens a lot of the color and intensity so aspects like lashes, blush, and lip color need to be bolder in real life than how you want them to look in the photo. We try to make everyone’s skin tone and texture look sensual and glowing. This can be achieved with either traditional makeup or airbrush makeup, depending on your skin type and the look you are going for.

Boudoir Hair

There are a lot of variations with hair but it typically needs to have some volume added.  The amount is up to you! You don’t want to have it look frizzy in pictures but you also don’t want it to look too polished and perfect.  Some women prefer a silky smooth feel to their hair and and some prefer a more loose and tousled texture.  We have a full arsenal of hair products and tools ready to transform your hair.

Getting Ready

We are available to come on location to get you ready and can even stay for touch-ups throughout your shoot. Another option is to come to my private studio for hair and makeup services and then meet with your photographer. This is a great option if your photographer has multiple clients that day or has time constraints on their studio hours.

A Few Variations in Style

The look for this shoot was lovely, soft, and romantic.  We added volume to her hair and a slight beachy texture with loose messy curls.  Her cheeks had a beautifully flushed look and pink stained lips added the perfect touch of color.

Portland OR boudoir photo shoot

For this shoot, the look was very natural, fresh-faced, and glowy.  She is not a big makeup wearer so the emphasis was on perfecting the skin and letting her freckles show through.  We added texture and loose, casual waves to her straight hair.

Cassandra Kennedy Beauty + Spotted: Stills Boudoir photography shoot

The look for this shoot was voluminous hair and dramatic eyes.  She is comfortable wearing a lot of makeup so we went for a smoky eye and nude lip, complete with contouring and false lashes.  We added volume throughout her hair and a silky finish to big loose curls.

before and after photos for photo shoot

***Thank you ladies for giving us permission to post these images of you on my page! xxxooo!***