Airbrush Makeup

quote about airbrush makeup in Portland Bride and Groom magazineCurious about airbrush makeup and if it’s right for you? Let me explain what it entails.

How Airbrushing Works

Using an electric compressor, a few tiny drops of liquid makeup are misted through a small gun with an adjustable sprayer onto the face. The mist is so incredibly fine it is barely visible at first. Just like using spray paint vs. painting with a brush, the amount of makeup used and the thin feel of the airbrushed makeup is quite remarkable. You hardly feel a thing on your face but it looks smooth and seamless.

When Airbrush Makeup is Ideal

Many brides love airbrush makeup because it lasts almost twice as long as traditional makeup and can really battle the elements such as heat and sweat. Many artists working in HD mediums where makeup is easily detected prefer to use airbrush makeup. It can be ideal for senior photos because challenging teenage skin can be covered without the thickness of traditional full coverage makeup.  Not all skin types have a texture that is suited for airbrushing.

Types of Airbrush Makeup

There are three different types of airbrush makeup (water, silicone, and alcohol). I use both water-based and silicone-based and choose the best option depending on what type of occasion it’s for and the condition of the skin.

Other Thoughts on Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is a difficult skill to master. It takes special training and equipment, good makeup formulations, and lots of practice to make it look good. Honestly, when I first started the results were awful. Many of the world’s top artists refuse to airbrush. There is something very beautiful about sculpting the skin by touching it, working different foundations into it, and detailing it with brushes and sponges. You have more control over the product and all its variations with traditional makeup. I like to evaluate each client’s skin in person and advise them on which kind of makeup I think would look best. Frankly, I love both airbrush makeup AND traditional makeup. It’s nice to have options!